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Subject: Please pass along to Gerhard, couldn't reach her on other nets
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 90 10:31:00 CDT

From: CDE::CLARRIDGE 2-MAR-1990 10:16:41.94
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Let me know if you get this.

I conducted a very successful search of German records through the LDS. I was
lucky though. The town was small in the early 1800's and still small today.

A town name/accurate location is the key piece of information you need. It
would be gravy to also know the religion (Catholic, Evangelical) too. With
those two things.... you will find them through LDS unless the church and
its records burned (many did). Let me know if you need more discussion. Since
you already have the hang of the LDS materials... the German stuff should be
easy. Incidentally, the germans intermarried more than any other ethnic group.
Did you know that. I think that was partly because they only became a unified
"nationality" in the late 1800's. May explain some of this century's political
and military history too. Good Hunting!!!

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