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From: <>
Subject: Sweden again...
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 90 11:12:00 EST

Sorry to bother the net with this, but was unable to directly reach the person
who asked me for details....

For anyone needing research tips for SWEDEN, I refer you to the ROOTS archive
LOG files for two super messages chock-full of hints and resources:

1. dated 12/26/89 from
2. dated 02/15/90 from

John (or anyone else interested), if you can provide me with an address
reachable from my corner of BITNET, I'll be happy to provide more detail.
(If my address below doesn't seem to work for your mailer/network, try adding
a ".bitnet" to it).

[Note to John O'Brien: You listed your Email address as "" and the
FROM field in your message says "com%"obrien%""; neither
these nor any other syntax permutation I could think of yielded a successful
result in replying. Got an "unknown host" notice from]

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