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Subject: After ship lists, what next
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 90 11:39:58 CST

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I'm looking for some help as to where to proceed next. I've located
my ancestors on a ship list--they sailed from Bremen to New York
(via England) in 1884. They are from "Austro Hungary." I'd like
to find out exactly where in that large region (they're Hungarian).

Are the ship lists done from the home port (Bremen) or at the arriving
port (NY)? Am I missing some records from one of the ports?

Also, I can pretty much guarantee these ancestors were never naturalized.
The father died in 1901, never having learned English. He worked in the
Pennsylvania coal mines. By the way, how did these people even find out
about Penn. when they lived in the "old country?"

So, great net minds, what do I do next? Eventually I'll tackle the
the 1869 census of Hungary, but that census is on over 100 rolls of

All suggestions appreciated. Thanks much.

Patricia Boren

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