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Subject: Help with 1752 German passport
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 90 17:39:36 CST

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Is there anyone able to help me understand this passport of my immigrant
German ancestor Martin Sidelinger (ca. 1725-1792)? He settled in Broadbay
(now Waldoboro, ME) in October 1752 at the little-known German colony
there. I have searched atlases at the local library to no avail looking
for place names mentioned here. The titles are a mystery, too.


Trantmann Perrin, Translator, Boston

We, CHARLES FREDERIC by the grace of God - Margrave of Baden & Hochberg,
Landsgrave of Hasenberg, Count of Sponheim & Eberstein, Baron of Roteln,
Badenweiler Lahn & Mahlberg ...

Do hereby attest & proclaim that We, at the humble supplication of Martin
Seythlinger hitherto a burgess of Langensteinback who together with his
wife N. N. & their four children N. N. intends to emigrate to the Island
of New England & there to settle, have graciously released them of that
allegiance with & in which they have heretofore adhered & stood to us & do
so herewith in such manner & mode that neither we nor our successors shall
have or hold claim to him Martin Seythlinger or his descendants by reason of
this servitude, unless they at some future time should again establish &
settle themselves in some parts of our Principalities & Lands where we have
subjects, in which case they shall again & all become & remain our Subjects.

In testimony whereof We have caused this mandate to be issued to said Martin
Seythlinger, his wife and children under our own signatures with our Princely
Chancery Seal attached thereto given in our Princely Capitol Carlsmuth on the
1st of February A.D. 1752 by special order of His Most Serene Highness the
Reigning Margrave - executed & delivered by His Most Serene Highness the

Circular Seal: L S WILD HELLING


Am interested in these German names:


Would be willing to trade Maine research for any help given. Thanks.

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