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From: Cliff Manis <>
Subject: Telephone Book Addresses
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 90 22:29:12 CDT

If someone lives in or close of either of the following two towns, I would
really appreciate a copy of the PHONE-BOOK page which has the name
Manes , Manis , Mannis, Manness (or just anything which starts MAN?????

The cities are: Rogersville, Tennessee

Robbins, North Carolina

I talked with the Phone operator in Robbins, NC, yesterday, and she said
there is about 20 or so ! !, and in Rogersville, TN, there is a bunch.

I would be happy to do the same thing for those needing addresses from
the San Antonio, Texas area.

Thanks for any help ! !

Cliff Manis, P. O. Box 33937, San Antonio, Tx 78265-3937
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