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Subject: FAQ
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 90 13:53:00 CDT

Frequently Asked Questions on Genealogy.

Here are the leading candidates that you all have sent my way.

It would be nice to have some of you submit your comments so I could
include them in the FAQ files.

-What Questions Do I Ask To Get Started In Genealogy

-Where Do I Get Started in Genealogy

-What Are Some Good Genealogy Resources To Get Info From

-What About Hardware (PC's, other)

-What About Software (Applications, Databases, etc.,)

If you have any ready made documents that would be helpful, please forward
them to me. Try to keep them short and simple as this is for new and
chomping at the bit type genealogists. I know there are several books out there
but you could refer to those references for certain advice rather than quote
them page after page. Send more FAQ too if you think of them.

Feel free to GET FAQ INDEX from the LISTSERV for the current listing of
frequently asked questions.

Thanks for you help.

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