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From: "Anthony R. Guillory 904 644-1452" <>
Subject: List of Tiny Tafel Matching System BBS'
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 00:16:07 -0500

TMS NODE LIST 09/05/89
Node BBS name SysOp Phone
------------ ----------------------------------- ------------------ ------------
143/26.AAAA COMMSOFT BBS, Mountain View, CA A. Lyon/H. Nurse 415-967-6730
103/813.ACAA Family Discovery, Tustin, CA D. & D. Meilstrup 714-838-3301
202/114.ACBA The Chief's Mess, Spring Valley, CA Dave Rigney 619-469-1354
125/30.BAAA ROOTS BBS, San Francisco, CA Brian Mavrogeorge 415-584-0697
109/206.CAAA CPAFUG, Columbia, MD Barbara Bennett 301-290-9530
109/505.CBAA Waterford Software, Silver Spr., MD Mike Mahoney 301-384-3450
264/152.CCAA Richmond, VA Tyronne Foy 804-353-4160
106/117.DAAA PasTracks Genealogy, La Porte, TX Edward Hayden 713-470-8657
106/270.DBAA Kingdom Productions, Houston, TX Susan King 713-630-0553
3608/6.DCAA Fam. History Info, Panama City, FL H. Wayne Brown 904-785-0737
389/6.DDAA Freedom One, Jonesboro, AR J. Kevin Watkins 501-932-7932
2:254/9.EAAA Family Skeletons, Buckden, England Bill Hamilton 44480-812097
159/650.FAAA Jenny's Dog House, Lansing, MI Tim Brown 517-374-1088
159/525.FBAA Colonial Fam. Research, Lansing, MI Bill Korroch 517-882-0717
250/408 FCAA Kintracers, Toronto, Ont, CANADA Kenneth Gowie 416-924-1555
110/35.FDAA The Shermark BBS, Dayton, OH M. Cottom/T.Magner 513-436-3434
100/514.HAAA Optometry Online, St. Louis, MO David Davidson 314-553-6068
232/20.HBAA The Genealogy Workshop, Rock Is, IL Wm. Frederickson 309-788-9811
233/16.HCAA Relative Connection, Danville, IL Chuck Haine 217-431-1695

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