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From: (Vanessa Stern)
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 14:26:15 -0400 (EDT)

I know this is long, but I thought it would be of interest to many. My
father recently brought me a file folder of miscellaneous genealogy stuff
that he has been keeping. In it was a newspaper article dated May 30, 1964
which appeared in The York Dispatch (Yock Co., PA) titled "Graves Not
Forgotten-Notables Can Trace Kinship on Old Cemetery Markers". There is a
photo of a memorial which reads "This tablet erected as a memorial to
Andrew Trimmer (my first cousin 8 times removed, BTW) a soldier in the
Revolutionary War, by his descendants through his daughter, Sophia Trimmer
who married Jacob Brough, also a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Both
served in Pennsylvania Troops. 1924" There is also a photo of a gentleman
arranging a bronze marker afixed to an American Flag. I am a direct
descendant of Anthony Dierdorf, Sr. through his son, Anthony, Jr. (My
family spells it DEARDORFF) Here is the article (I have capitalized the

"Screen star Robert Taylor and former U.S. Vice President Richard M. Nixon
have been found among the descendants of the York county Revolutionary
soldiers to which this monument - flag decorated for Memorial Day - stands
in an almost forgotten Washington township burial plot.
"It stands among some 30 other overgrown and disintegrating graves in what
has been knows as both the DIERDORFF and GOCHENOUR family cemetery several
hundreds of yards off the road in a dense wood located just north of
Bigmount and Ort's Mill.
"In fact it ws reportedly raised there in 1924 by Dr. and Mrs. Spangler
Andrew BRUGH, of Nebraska, parents of the film idol whose real name is
Arlington Spangler Brugh.
"The tablet on the monument reads: 'This tablet erected as a memorial to
Andrew TRIMMER, a soldier in the Revolutionary War by his descendants,
through his daughter, Sophia Trimmer, who married Jacob BRUGH, also a
soldier in the Revolutionary War. Both served in Pennsylvania troops.'
"Andrew and his son, John, and Peter DIERDORFF and his son, Anthony, all
listed by York county history on a 1778 muster roll of Captain Jacob
AMENT's Fifth Battalion Companh of "Associator's", are known to be buried
there. No Jacob BROUGH grave has been found there.
"The elder TRIMMER, the elder DIERDORF and Manasseh BROUGH, however, are
all listed as members of Conewago Church of the Brethren founded in the
same area in 1741.
"The male screen actor and the former vice president were found among the
Andrew TRIMMER descendants by the late Ira A. Brown, of West York, in
developing, along with Raymond Martin Bell, of Washington, Pa., a TRIMMER
family outline published several years ago by Washington and Jefferson
"Running down his own and ohter genealogical lines from the common ancestor
he found that Taylor's parents, NIXON, Mrs. Esther SCHLOSSER LOUCKS, of 400
Madison avenue, and himself were "sixth cousins", six generations removed
from Andrew TRIMMER and seven generations from Johannas TRIMMER, the German
immigrant who founded the family, who was naturalized in 1727 in New
"The BRUGH relationship came about with the marriage mentioned in the
memorial tablet, a grandson of that union, another Jacob BRUGH, having
moved to Indiana, from where Taylor's parents migrated to Nebraska early in
this century.
"The NIXON relationship devloped when Margaret TRIMMER, great-granddaughter
of Andrew, married George NIXON 3rd, probably around 1850. George NIXON
3rd died in the Battle of Gettysburg and is buried in the national cemetery
there, Brown found.
"The former vice president, whose parents moved from Washington county,
Pa., to California, is the grandson of the Civil War veteran.
"The late Ira Brown's mother, before she married Michael Brown, was Emma
Jane TRIMMER, the great-great-granddaughter of Andrew Trimmer. The maiden
name of Mrs. LOUCK's mother, before she married William A. SCHLOSSER, was
Lillie May TRIMMER, great-great-granddaughter of John TRIMMER, who served
with his father Andrew in the Revolutionary War and is buried beside him in
the Washington county plot.
"The pictures were taken by William SCHINTZ, whose mother, Mrs. Louise
TRIMMER SCHINTZ, 435 Park street, is likewise a sixth generation descendant
of Andrew TRIMMER.
"Col. Lester E. GROSS, county director of veterans affirs, who is shown
placing a flag on one of the graves, said he found the cemetery in better
condition than some of th eother old family burial plots on which many of
the country's some 900 Revolutionary War veterans are buried.
"He said tall trees which shelter it have kept the undergrowth from
becoming dense, but he found most of the hard-carved gravestones fallen and
"Colonel GROSS noted that new white monuments, provided by the federal
government, marked the graves of John TRIMMER and Peter FERREE, one of two
War of 1812 veterans buried there, and said he would consider a program to
provide more of these.
"Gross said these monuments, like the one to the right of the tablet
monument, can be had for the asking, but funds or services must be found to
put them in place.
"He indicated he would like to see a continuing program whereby these were
supplied for all veterans of the Revolution."

Vanessa R. Stern
GTE Laboratories Inc.
40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, MA 02254 "It is easier to apologize than to ask permission."
- Grace Hopper

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