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Subject: Seven Perry Brothers NC/SC
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:57:16 +0000

Hi rooters,

The following queries were sent to the PERRY discusion list.
Can any of you add anything to this?
Please reply to the "PERRY family genealogy list" at

Thanks in advance,
Jack Perry
Seven Perry Brothers of Darlington District
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 00:55:47 -0800 (PST)
Grand Wazoo <>
"PERRY family genealogy list" <>

Hi fellow Perrys -

I have found that I have two different Perry lines on different sides of
my family, with a common ancestor between them!

The lines are:

John PERRY -> Solomon Ruffin PERRY (m Mary Louisa CRUDUP) ->
Dr. Harwood Pope PERRY (m Mary Ann EARL) ->Louisa Battle PERRY

Joshua PERRY (m Elizabeth RUSH) -> Amey Rush PERRY (m Jesse PERSON) ->
Presley Carter PERSON (m Polly ARRINGTON) ->
Levin King PERSON (m Mary EARL) -> Levin King PERSON II

Louisa Battle PERRY and Levin King PERSON II were my gg grandparents.
The thing of it is, John and Joshua were brothers, two of the "seven
Perry brothers of Darlington District, SC" (this is in quotes because
that is how I have encountered it in local histories).

Can anyone tell me anything about the parents of John and Joshua (and
Jeremiah, Francis, Nathaniel, William, and Burwell)? I would also
love to learn the name/ancestry of John's wife and/or where the name
RUFFIN comes into the picture, and the ancestry of Elizabeth RUSH.

Any help would be appreciated - I've hit something of a brick wall with
this one. Thanks!

Buster Harvey

Seven Perry Brothers
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 19:18:31 +0000

"PERRY family genealogy list" <>

I have located in my a few references to the seven Perry brothers. I
have not made any connection to my Perrys. The names are similiar to my
Perry line and I had always assumed that someday I might make the
connection to Arnold Perry b 1794 NC, no luck yet. I hope this helps.

>From A History of the John Wesley Perry Jr Family by Charles Wesly
Perry, Ch VII, Seven Perry Brothers Come to Grandville County from
Colonial VA in 1746, pp 59:

"In a book entitled LINEAGE AND TRADITION by Ree Herring Hendrick which
covers the history of a number of families to which she was related,
including the Perrys, I find some most intriguing facts which are as
followings: The seven Perry brothers who came from Isle of Wright or
Surry C., VA, and settled in Grandville Co., that part now Franklin Co.,
NC, 1746, were: Jeremiah, John, Frances, joshua, Nathaniel, William, and
Burwell. Six of the above brothers appear in the muster rolls of Colonel
William Eaton's regiment. Captain Osbourne Jeffery's Co., on Oct 8,
1754. Burwell's does not appear, and it is presumed that he was too
young for military service. "

The book states further that the brothers of Franklin Co, NC are of
English decent and that while they originally landed in the Isle of
Wright Co., VA, they had crossed over the river and landed in Nancomond
Co, CVA, before coming to NC.

Page 61: "Jeremiah, the oldest had a grant of 1500 acres which was sold
to brother Burwell, this land has never been out of Perry hands. This
old Perry home built in 1750 and called 'Cascine' located in Franklin
Co. 3 miles S of Louisburg, NC. on US HWY 401." the deed grants are in
Franklin Co, NC book 1, p23, book 9 p64
I don't have the books or access to them, the above was quoted in the
Burwell Perry Family history. I hope others can provide additional info.

Jack Perry

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