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From: (Evelyn S. Beran)
Subject: Re: Occupation: Loafer
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:42:05 EDT
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I've gotten a real chuckle from some of the occupations listed on census
forms. My favorite was given by a man in his 80's, living with his son's
family. Usually such a person's occupation is listed as "None" -- but
this man was a "Capitalist".

In 1910 the residents of my great-grandfather's farm in Utah included a
boarder, Lagar O. Culver, employed on his "own account" as an "inventor
of airships." My mother's family had moved from the area the year
before, and she knew nothing about him. How delighted I was a year ago
when a cousin and I gained access to a collection of old family photos
which included pictures of Mr. Culver and his plane. The lady who owned
the pictures, who would have been about five or six when the picture was
taken, had written on the back that "Mr. Culver became a noted inventor
of airplanes." I've been unable to learn any more about him, except he
came to the farm because he was in the Navy with a son-in-law who also
lived on the farm. Has anyone ever heard of Lagar Culver?

Evelyn (Sanford) Beran

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