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From: Marlene Wilkinson <>
Subject: Boot Camp list, Parris Island, SC 1948
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 11:22:42 -0700

My husband entered the Marine Corps and was in Parris Island, SC in Aug
1948. He was in Platoon #188 which graduated 29 Oct 1948. He
remembered today how lonely all the guys were and how they spent time
with each other looking at the things that others had brought from
home. Ed had brought his high school year book with him. In the front
of the yearbook he had written the names and addresses of many of his
buddies. Most of
his buddies went to Korea, but he remained at Parris Island to work in
the newpaper there. Later he went to Korea as a Naval Aviator and
followed this career for 31 years. Perhaps the following list will mean
something to someone. He also has a picture of the platoon.

Donald A.Bednar, Westville, IL
Jack H. Gilbreath, Davbille, IL
Steve Lewis, North Chattanooga, TN
Jack Kirkendall, Niles, MI
Ray Mills, Lansing, MI
Paul Myers, Carlisle, PA
W. H. Jarrett, St. Louis, MO
R. Paul Blood, Freemont, OH
Thomas H. Wallace "Jr.", Bilpitt, IL "Yankee"
Dave Miles, Chicago, IL
Lester T. Baker, Brentwood, MD
George Landkom c/o Harry Shaeer, New York, NY
Eugene E. Buchta, Jefferson City, MO
Roy E. Classon, Ellsworth, ME
James L. Allison, Richard City, TN
Claude Moore, Jr., Lancaster, PA
Thomas F. Cox, Oak Ridge, TN
Carlos W. Bowen, Walkerton, IN
H. Stanley Bojakowski, Jersey City, NJ
Mihi Manjinceli, Newark, NJ
Joe Cleary, Clifton Heights, PA
Ewell L. Hains, Springhill, TN
Maurice Gene Bell, Divemon, IL
Arnold Arnodo, Westville, IL
G. A. McNemar, Memphis, TN
William Kernna (SP?), Danville, IL
Rudy Visconti, Irvington, NJ
Tom Zeppelin, Danville, IL
S. B. Manougran, Portland, ME
Bert Pelletier, Lewiston, ME
Angelo Iovino, Chicago, IL
Red Williams, Milon, MO
O'Neill, Middletown, OH
Clarence Neitzel, Mayville, WI
Claude Gagnon, Fort Kent, ME
Robert Thompson, Memphis, TN
Real G. Bureau, Auburn, ME
Charles W. Smith, Jonesville, LA
Claude S. McKinnie Jr., Memphis, TN
Leonile Carrier, Lewiston, ME
Jack Carpenter, Maryville, TN
George W. Ward, Stulton, PA
Allen R. Bastline, Oberlin, PA
George H. Decker, Burbank, CA
Robert E. Robinson, Chicago, IL
Andrew D. Wilson, Whistler, AL
Edward Lewis Wilkinson, Gloster, MS (now Millington, TN)

Happy Hunting! Marlene Wilkinson

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