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From: Jim Forrest <>
Subject: Civil War Veterans
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 21:24:57 -0500

As soon as I can get them taken and loaded to my computer there are =
pictures of 93 Civil War Veterans, many of who are buried in the Olean, =
Cattaraugus County, New York area cemeteries. This is a list of all =
soldiers involved:

Capt. Lucien Abbott, 8th Ohio Infantry 1836-1922

Pvt. Ruel Albro, 136th New York Infantry, 1843-1929

Cpl. Henry Allen, 85th New York Infantry, 1839-1923

Pvt. John Anderson, 188th New York Infantry, 1847-1927

Pvt. Sylvester Armstrong, 193rd Pennsylvania Infantry, 1842 - ?

1sr Lt. Dr. James Ashton, 157th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1843-1925

Pvt. Julius Aylesworth, 211th Pennsylvania Infantry 1845-1940

2nd Lt. Leon Ballard, 3rd New Jersey Infantry, 1842-1923

Pvt. William Barnes, 94th New York Infantry, 1845-1920

Pvt. Milton Butler, 5th New York Heavy Artillery, no dates available

Cpl. Peter Cashen, 65th Ohio Infantry, 1837-1920

Pvt. Ransom Chadwick, 85th New York Infantry, 1829-1919

Pvt. Jonathan Chapel, 179th New York Infantry, 1835-1935

Pvt. Marcus Cline, 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry, 1840-1925

Cpl. John Coleman, 160th New York Infantry, 1846-1921

Solomon Conrath, 135th Pennsylvania Infantry-no dates available

Cpl. Charles Cotton, 161st New York Infantry, 1842-1932

Cpl. Auburn Crandall, 1st New York Dragoons, 1840-1923

Pvt. Arnold Crandall, 1st New York Artillery, 1843- ?

Pvt. Silas Daniels, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1842-1931

Cpl. Emerson Esterbrook, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry, no dates available

Cpl. George Ferris, 58th Pennsylvania Infantry 1841-1924

Pvt. George Feuchter, 150th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1837- ?

Pvt. James Forrester, 13th New York Infantry, 1841- ?

George Foster, 84th Pennsylvania Infantry, no dates available

Pvt. George France, 134th Pennsylvania Infantry,1845-1916

Pvt. Sylvester Frank, 64th New York Infantry, 1845-1925

Clark Frank, 111th New York Infnatry, no dates available

Cpl. Evi Fuller, 64th New York Infantry, 1826- ?

1st Lt. Henry Gate, 1st New York Dragoons, 1840-1907

Steward Merritt Gile, U.S.Navy, 1848-1937

Cpl. John Godden, 16th New York Infantry, 1842-1918

Cpl. Charles Grossman, 154th New York Infantry, 1841-1914

Pvt. William Hamilton, 81st New York Infantry, 1845-1923

Henry Harkens, U.S.Navy, no dates available

SGT. Amos Harter, 2nd New York Cavalry, 1844-1927

Cpl William Higby, 145th Pennsylvania Infantry, no dates available

Pvt. John Holleran, 8th New York Cavalry, 1843 - ?

Pvt. William Howell, 93rd New York Infantry, 1830-1917

William Jessup, 23rd New York Infantry, no dates available

Pvt. Henry Johnson, 31st New York Infantry 1841-1923

Pvt. Newton Jones, 93rd New York Infantry, 1846-1917

Pvt. George Keith, 3rd Massachusetts Infantry, 1845-1927

Pvt. James Knox, 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry, 1832-1915

Pvt. Andrew Lawrence, 85th New York Infantry, 1842-1907

Pvt. Phillip Lee, 63rd Pennsylvania Infantry, 1830-1929

1st Sgt. John LeFevre, 12th Maryland Infantry, 1846-1917

Pvt. Stillman Lewis, 13th New York Heavy Artillery, 1845- ?

Sgt. George Lott, 11th West Virginia Artillery, 1842-1925

Pvt. Levi Low, 25th New York Infantry, 1846-1925

Pvt. John McCarty, 148th Illinois Infantry, 1847-1923

William McDowell, 63rd Ohio Infantry, no dates available

John McMahon, 13th New York Heavy Artillery, 1842- ?

Pvt. Fred Merritt, 136th New York Infantry, 1843-1916

Foretopman Lauren Miller, U.S. Navy, 1843-1913

Pvt. Peter Miller, 29th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1846-1912

Pvt. Charles Moodler, 97th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1846-1912

Sgt. Menzo Morgan, 37th New York Infantry, 1842-1918

Pvt. Edward Munger, 85th New York Infantry, 1845-1909

Pvt. George Oakley, 90th New York Infantry, 1842-1916

Cpl. John Osterman, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1844-1921

Pvt. Alvin Page, 86th New York Infantry, 1832-1925

1st Sgt. Irenus Palmer, 5th Massachusetts Cavalry, 1842-1919

Sgt. Horace Parish, 85th New York Infantry, 1823-1923

Pvt. Mahlon Peck, 85th New York Infantry, 1842-1917

Sgt. Hercules Perrigo, 1st New York Engineers, 1838-1916

Albert Post, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry, no dates available

Pvt. Sylvester Ramsey, 65th New York Cavalry-no dates available

2nd lt. William Ramsey 98th New York Cavalry, 1840-1907

Pvt. John Reynolds, 154th New York Infantry, 1839-1928

Henry Richardson, 194th New York Infantry, no dates available

Pvt. Rodney Richardson, 15th New York Cavalry, 1842-1925

Pvt. Eli Rockwell, 6th New York Heavy Artillery, 1838-1925

Pvt. Isaac Rood, 86th New York Infantry, no dates available

Lt. Col. Cornelius Schemerhorn, 5th New York City 32nd USCT, no dates =

Pvt. Stephen Schuster, 154th New York Infantry, 1840- ?

Pvt. Jacob Shafer, 154th New York Infantry, 1839- ?

Sgt. Willard Smith, U.S. Marines, 1840-1918

1st Lt. David Smith, 1st New York Light Artillery, 1835-1916

Cpl. Joseph Smith, 141st New York Infantry, 1841- ?

Pvt. Stephen Starks, 85th New York Infantry, 1831-1930

Pvt. Abram Strate, 76th New York Infantry, 1837-1915

Cpl William Tanner, 9th Iowa Infantry, 1844-1926

Pvt. Edwin Voorheis, 5th New York Heavy Artillery, 1849-1927

Pvt. James Weatherall, 10th New York Cavalry, 1840- ?

Pvt. John Weaver, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry, no dates available

Seaman Patrick Welch, U.S, Navy, no dates available

Pvt. Edgar Wells, 190th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1842-1922

1st Lt. Russell Whitney, 85th New York Infantry, 1838-1921

Cpl. Peter Williams, 31st New York Infantry, 1839-1929

Pvt. Allen Williams, 5th Michigan Cavalry, 1846-1926

Pvt. David Yard, 6th Pennsylvania Artillery, 1843-1928

Additional note on James Forrester, from pension records, 461.863, Co F, =
13 Regt NY Vol Inf. Wife Minerva Davis, married February 2, 1864 at =
Springville, Erie Co., New York, One Daughter Lavina Sophia Forrester =
(married name Hutchinson) born July 1865. He enlisted December 28, 1861 =
and was honorable discharged at Rochester, May 13, 1863. He died May 27, =
1921. On the 18th he went to the National Military Home in Ohio and =
they "Furloughed" him for twenty days and he died in less than a week.

There may be additional information on some of the others but I do not =
have it available to me at this time. besides this is enough for now.=20

Cheers- Jim Forrest


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