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Subject: Help find, McBride's, PA, OH, History.
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 15:47:27 -0400 (EDT)

This is whats left of the McBride History, I received this from My husband's
cousin from PA. As it says the complete history was let out and never
returned. This is what Gertrude McBride remembered and wrote down. Our Meigs
county Ohio McBride's are related to the ones in PA. The 3 brothers settled
in PA before 2 of them moved to Meigs. Also Ill & Wyo. If you have anything
that even comes close to any of this please send it to me and I'll get it out
to the group. I think a lot more of us are related than we think.

McBride brothers Mathew, Samuel, and Jacob came to to America from Ireland
in 1802 and settled in Pennsylyania.
Later on Mathew and Jacob drifted farther west. Mathew located in
Carletonville, later named Syracuse. He owned tow boats plying then. Ohio
River, Mississippi and _______ Rivers. During the Cival War he took men and
provisions as far South as Vicksburg Mississippi. He gave Wm. Taylor a
musket that he found on the Vicksburg battlefield. Later it was given to Don
McBride. The old gun that he also brought back was sold to an antique shop
for $25.00.
Jacob McBride settled back of what is now Racine Ohio, and later moved to
Syracuse. In 1824 he married Katherine Watkins and it was the first Capital
marriage to occur in Sutton township.
(This marriage was the first one in the Marriage book)(Verified by Sandy
McBride 8/14/97)
He lived in a log house close to where the Duffy house now stands and where
the Old Carleton College stood.
Captain Mathew McBride gave $500.00 to help build the Carleton College.
Jacob and Katherine Watkins McBride had 19 children, these are some of

Wm (John Ackley's father)
John (William McBride's father)
James A. (Don's father known as Uncle Dick)
A sister living in Decanter Ill.
Another sister living in Cheyenrie Wyo.

Harry Jones uncle Mathew was the one that came over with Sam & Jocob McBride.
Jacob McBride the great grandfather of Ernest & Gertrude & Clara is buried in
the Bridgman

(At the bottom of this it says) I had a far greater history of McBride's,
Katherine Watkins dated back in the 17th century. I loaned the complete
record, but some one failed to return it. Gertrude Mcbride gave me the above
Please, lets find this History, so we can all connect.
The Catherine Watkins and Jacob McBride are my line, they were married in
1819 though.
Good Luck on this one.

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