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From: "Lowell M. Schake" <>
Subject: Cattle in North America - Facts not Speculation!
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 08:24:35 -0800

Cattle were first brought to Santo Domingo, North America from Spain and
the Canary Islands on the second voyage of Columbus in 1493. From there
cattle were introduced into Cuba and from Cuba Gregorio Villalobos and
Hernando Cortes brought cattle into Mexico in 1521. Also in 1521, Ponce
de Leon, on his second voyage brought cattle to Florida, but apparently
none survived while the introductions into Mexico prospered.

The first cattle to arrive in the colonies were imported sometime
prior to 1609 at the James River Plantation, Virginia. In 1610 and again
in 1611 over 100 head were landed there from the West Indies. By 1639
30,000 head are reported (estimated)on inventory in Virginia. In 1624
Govenor Winslow introduced from England one non-descript bull and three
heifers to Plymouth Colony to aid in providing milk for children. Many
other introduction followed, but there were no feral cattle to greet the
Select references to support these fact are Agricultural History
35(3):117-125 1969; Agricultural Science Review 11(2):1-17, 1973 and A
Long Deep Furrow by H. S. Russell. 1982. University Press of New England,
Hanover. Happy Thanksgiving!
Lowell M. Schake, Ph. D. and retired professor of Animal and Food
Science,TAMU, UConn and TTU at

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