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From: "The Desko's" <>
Subject: More Jamestown NY items
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 15:37:24 -0400

from the Jamestown NY Evening Journal for
January 18,1886 :

Events/News in the vicinity :

Jan. 15 - The singing school in the Creal district is
doing finely under the management of Fred Marsh.
Jennie Nelson is visiting friends in McKean county, Pa.
Mrs. Warren Fitts, of Youngsville, is with her parents,
her husband having gone to Kansas to visit his son.
A creamery is under headway on the Dr. Martin farm.

Jan. 15- The seminary has been obliged to close this
week on account of diphtheria in the school.
Mrs. Ely is very ill. Mrs. Mahala Preston is also quite
John Herrick is confined to the house with rheumatism.

an 15-- The Honorable A.B. Sheldon and wife are off on
a western trip, to be absent some five or six weeks, intending
to go to California before they return. They were at Ottawa,
Kansas on the 9th.
Henry Keith, for a year past connected with the bank of Sherman,
left Tuesday to accept of a position in the bank of Buffalo, at
Buffalo, N. Y.
Postmaster Van Dusen has been suffering for several days with the
The Rev. C. W. Miner and wife were welcomed to the new Methodist
parsonage by a reception given in their behalf.
F.W. Edmunds has a new steam grist mill at the railway station in
full operation.
Sherman is now blessed with six grocery stores and three grist mills,
and the average inhabitant is happy.
Jan 14-- Fourteen degrees below zero this morning.
The residence of Joseph Luce, two and one-half miles north of this
village, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. The fire caught in
the roof, or chamber, and was not discovered until it was beyond
control. Only an organ and a small quantity of bedding were saved.
Mr. Luce has a large family of small children, some of whom are sick,
and he is placed in very sad circumstances. Not only his shelter and
clothing, but his large store of provisions for the winter are destroyed
just when most needed. We understand there was a small insurance on
the property but not enough to go far in restoring the loss. Mr. Luce is
not in circumstances to easily bear this calamity, and the neighbors and
friends will help the family through the winter.

More later if no one objects.


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