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From: Marsha Loomis <>
Subject: birth certificate
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 12:28:45 -0500

Shirley Thul asked about what it might mean to have "amended" on a
birth certificate.

My own daughter has an amended certificate. When I ordered a copy of
her birth certificate, I found that my maiden name has been misspelled.
It read HERTON instead of HESTON. How I couldhave signed it with such a
glaring mistake I blame on my dopey condition immediately after birth.
Anyway the state corrected the error but called the result Amended.

There in another kind of amended certificate that I wholly disagree
with. KANSAS reissues birth certificates after an adoption. At first
glace this may seem kind and charitable, but consider: If a man's first
wife dies and leaves children (her biological children), he later
remarries and the second wife adopts the children, there is a new birth
certificate issued with the second wife shown as the parent of the
child/children. The new wife now is the legal mother, but certainly no
the biological parent. Since we now know as much as we do about ther
familial tendencies toward certain diseases, I think it is unpardonable
to give a person a false parent, thus false send of genes, not to
mention the foulup in trying to oprove descent for hereditary societies.

I guess this is more than you asked for, but anyway these are two ways
one could have an amended birth certificate.

Happy hunting,
Marsha Loomis

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