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Subject: Re: Electronic Researching, pros and cons
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 02:07:04 EDT

Fastest growing segment of computer users today is in genealogical research.
RootsWeb alone generates hundreds and thousands of mailings a day, in an ever-
growing floodtide. Thousands of web sites are devoted to genealogical
pursuits and "my family roots."
And more and more we are hearing of success stories -- "I just started on
line looking for my family last week and already I have six generations and
300 names in my database!"
All of us on this list are perusing scores of postings hoping to find --
and sometimes finding -- those five or six or dozen names that "belong" to us.
Yeah, electronics have revolutionized genealogical research all right.
But wait a minute. Is it all that it is cracked up to be?
In a nutshell, is electronic research Good enough?
George Archer is a well known genealogist and wrier, and he suggests that
it may not be. Archer gives us a status report of where we are in electronic
research and what pitfalls to watch out for in a two-part discussion in The
Signal, the biweekly newsletter of the United States Internet Genealogical
Society. The articles have been reprinted by permission of the author. It
would be well worth the time of any serious researcher to take a look at his
You will find them in The Signal at

I found a lot to think about in his articles. I think you will too.

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