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From: Shirley Hornbeck <>
Subject: Reading Microfilm Tip
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 06:09:29 -0700

A simple tip to make microfilm reading easier:
On a sheet of light blue stationary (white paper "disappears" when you put
it on the white surface of the reader), draw a line the long way of the
paper with a yellow or pink Hi-Liter, about two inches in from the edge.
Put this on the microfilm reader and position the paper and film image so
that the desired line of the image is highlighted. It looks just like the
highlighting was on the film. Putting a little weight on it is enough to
hold the paper from slipping around or sliding off onto the floor.

Another Method - If you are trying to read light or blurred writing - try
putting a yellow, green or blue (or use all three of different
combinations) colored plastic pages you used to use to put your reports in
in high school, against the screen that you are reading from. You can get
these in different colors with a side slide to hold the papers. It will
also help with bringing out faded writing by putting the sheets down on
the photocopy machine then put your pages down that you cannot read. If you
enlarge the copy it makes a great difference too. Experiment by using
different colors and layers.

This and more tips at my This and That Genealogy Tips page. URL in my
signature below.

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