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From: Mike and Jan <>
Subject: RE: Oldest age to father a child
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:22:45 -0700

This message is very timely for me. I just returned from a trip
to FHL in SLC and found some very disturbing things. One of them
concerns my father-in-law. I found that he has been baptized by
proxy two separate times, which would be irritating but not so bad
in and of itself. However, he is still very much alive and was
baptized as a child. Two separate individuals obviously did not do
even the bare minimum of checking church records before doing his temple
work. This really underscores the fact that some LDS hurry to do the
temple work without first checking sources for accuracy and/or just
checking, period. His father was 60 when he was born, and so someone
assumed that my father-in-law was born 30 years before he actually
was. Please don't flame...I am a member. But I am feeling frustrated
about the sloppiness of some of the genealogy work that is done.

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