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From: "Gordon H. Marion" <>
Subject: Re: Was RUTHENIA a country?
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 00:07:38 -0700
References: <>

>From Groliers: "Ruthenia is a historic name for a region of Eastern
Europe, also known as the Carpatho-Ukraine, and now known as the
Transcarpathian Oblast in the Ukraine. The region is bordered by Romania,
Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

lhbrg wrote:

> A friend of mine claims to be a RUTHENIAN. I thought that he was
> "pulling my leg" and guessed that his surname probably orriginated
> somewhere in the area that was Checkoslovakia or Yugoslavia.
> So, my question to those researching eastern Europe: Was there ever a
> country or place called Ruthenia?
> Lowell Brigham

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