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Subject: Old remedies
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 11:49:50 EST

I remember having to stay in bed in a darkened room when I had the measles. I
also remember the quarantine signs put on a house whenever anyone who lived
there had a contagious disease. One summer all the kids in our neighborhood
had chicken pox at about the same time. None of us felt very sick, so we went
outside and played with each other anyway.

The "remedy" I still remember was my grandmother's standard spring tonic --
sulphur and molasses. I liked the taste of the molasses, but the sulphur made
it gritty.

When I had a cold my mother used to chop up onions and put some sugar on them
and set them in the warming oven until there was juice. I actually liked the
sweet warm onion juice and it was soothing for a sore throat. (I remember
less fondly the mustard plasters to treat a chest cold.) She also used to mix
honey in lemon juice and give as cough syrup. I did this for my own children
-- they liked it, it seemed to soothe the throat, and they could have it as
often as they wanted, unlike the drug store cough syrups. In retrospect, the
vitamin C probably did some good.

Dolly Yates

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