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From: "Pam Villanueva" <>
Subject: Re: NAME CHANGE
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 23:07:01 PST

I'm just taking a guess at this and could certainly be totally wrong,
but I would think the birth cert would be changed to reflect the new
name since the b. cert is required often as identification. I
understand the position of marriage not changing the b. certs because
the woman still retains that "identity", and is frequently asked her
maiden name. She doesn't have to change her name, or she can regain it
following annulment or divorce. But with a name change, like adoption,
the actual identity of that person does change. In California (can't
speak for other states) adopted children do get new birth certificates
reflecting the adoptive parents as their biological parents, with no
mention of adoption on those certs. And in the case of a woman, the new
name would become her maiden name. Just a thought! -Pam in CA

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From: "Charles R. Leitzell" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 16:06:59 -0800

I don't think that you will find an amended birth certificate. I have
run across a situation where a birth certificate was changed just
because someone legally changed their name. The fact that the Navy
changed his name doesn't affect the birth certificate. When a person
and changes their name to that of the husband or wife, they notify
Security but it certainly doesn't affect their birth record.

Perhaps someone else has a different slant on this but why would the
certificate be changed because of a name change? As an example, I went
the name Robert Charles for years until I saw my birth certificate was
Charles Robert. My mother didn't think Robert was a saint's name so she
named me Charles and then called me Robert or Bob because she didn't
the nickname "Chuck".

Charles R. "Bob" Leitzell
Mokelumne Hill, CA
In the Sierra Foothills
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