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From: "Joanne H. Boswell" <>
Subject: Re: Castoria, etc.
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 10:13:13 -0500
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Yes, Castoria was the best-tasting medicine I ever took. To the best of
my recollection, it was made (at that time) for children. I remember
there being a child's picture on the bottle. I don't recall if it was
used as a pergative, or just what was the purpose.

When my middle son was about 2-3 years, he started to get bowing legs.
Someone told me to give him cod liver oil everday (which I did). It must
have worked because his legs straightened out and he has no sign of it
now. There must be a precious vitamin or mineral there.

My grandmother gave us sulphur and molasses for spring time purification
of the blood to help combat boils, etc. She used kerosene to pour on
and clean cuts and punctures to prevent lockjaw, and I would not think
it would be good for taking orally. She never gave it to us orally, but
she did give us turpentine and sugar for (colds I think). She used
kerosene for burning her lamps because she did not have electricity out
in the country. Being part Cherokee Indian, she was also a master of
roots and herbs and I only wish I had been old enough to appreciate and
write down some of the things she knew before she died, because she
could sure mix up some good medicines. Could make the best burn salve
in the world, and when you put it on a burn, you got instant relief. It
was made from some root she got in the woods and boiled until she got
the medicinal value out. Then, she would mix it in grease (don't know
what kind) to effect the healing of burns. She also made blackberry wine
for medicinal purposes for the stomach. There were many others, but
these are the only two which made a real impression on me as a small

Someone mentioned nails in water. I always heard back then it was a way
to get iron in the bloodstream.


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