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From: "Gayle E. Kennedy" <>
Subject: Re: Name Change
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 23:02:51 +0000
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I had the spelling of my name changed on my birth certificate at the
time I applied for a passport to go to Europe with my Air Force husband.
A lot of my family members were in construction work when I was young,
and therefore, we moved around a lot. Every time I started a new
school, I had to tell the teacher, No, not G A I L, it's G A Y L E.
Years later I was shocked to see on my birth certificate that my name
was spelled, G A I L. Well, I paid my $5 and had it changed to G A Y L
E. That's who I'd always been, and I wanted it to be official - I'd
worked long and hard for it. HA!
Just thought y'all would find this interesting.

Gayle Eldridge Kennedy

> Perhaps someone else has a different slant on this but why would the birth
> certificate be changed because of a name change? As an example, I went by
> the name Robert Charles for years until I saw my birth certificate was
> Charles Robert. My mother didn't think Robert was a saint's name so she
> named me Charles and then called me Robert or Bob because she didn't like
> the nickname "Chuck".

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