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Subject: Old photos
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 02:55:04 EST

>>Somebody must be looking for these pictures of their ancestors, and you
could be holding on to them, but you'll never know, because there are no
names attached to them. Identify your pictures!! Sherri<<

Yes, I know! I have a couple of dozen old photos that were in a little album
of my grandmother's. She didn't write IDs on them because she knew who they
were. She probably told my aunts and my mother who they were, but they
forgot. They did know which ones were her immediate family, but not the
aunts, uncles and cousins. So I have all these photos that no one knows who
they are of. I took them to a family reunion of my grandmother's clan and got
two of them identified (which I gave to the descendants of the subjects) but
the rest of them are still unknowns. They are probably of people in or near
Clinton County, OH in the years about 1870-1890. I would guess that their
surnames are likely Underwood, Bailey, or Hunnicutt. Some may be family
friends. Anyone interested??

Dolly ()

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