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From: Janet Hubbard <>
Subject: Have You Used Generations Family Tree?
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 20:33:01 -0800

I just purchased Generations Family Tree by Sierra Home. My primary
interest was its EasyChart software which allows you to create a tree in
which the boxes can be moved, colored, edited, etc. However, despite the
statements in the online help, I am not able to save the chart as a
metafile. The program says it cannot execute a metafile and it crashes. The
documentation says I can also save the chart as a bitmap file and tells
where the command is. However, the program that shipped doesn't have this
menu item.

Has anyone else used this program since its introduction in Nov 98 and if
so, have you been able to save the images created in EasyChart as anything
but an EasyChart file? I have tried copying it to the clipboard but the
pasted copy contains shading not in the original, a slightly pinkish
background, and dotted grids. So far the best solution to creating simple
charts which can be arranged on the page at will is to use MS Word's own
drawing program, which includes lines with attached connectors.

I called Tech Support today about another problem and was told they don't
know how to use the program, only a few things about crashes. The
documentation does not match the program. The readme file says the manual
was printed before the product was QAd.

It has a 90-day money back warranty. Good thing. Unless someone has a
workaround or can tell me that it's my system's fault, it's going back. I
have plenty of memory, a newly installed copy of Win95 on a clean system
which is not experiencing problems with any other software. Are you using
this program and if so, are you experiencing difficulties?

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