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From: Barbara Rivas <>
Subject: Indentured Servants
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 12:04:50 -0600

What time period are you talking about when you mention your
grandmother, and what geographical location?
At any rate here are some websites concerning indentured servants.

FACT SHEET: Indentured Servants in Colonial America

Peak of trade in indentured Servants: 1620s-1680s, lasted until
Typical period of service: 4-7 years.
Age range: 15-25 years old.
Sex Ratio: 75% male in mid-1600s; perhaps even by 1700.
Social class of origin: All classes, but mostly farmers, artisans,
& domestic servants.
Destination: 1600: mostly Southern Colonies; 1700s: mostly middle
or Northern colonies.
Mortality rate before reaching freedom: 40-50% in the South.
% of English migrants to Virginia who came as indentured servants
between 1630-1660: Roughly 70%.
% of all English immigrants during the colonial period who came as
indentured servants: About 50%.
English convicts forced to become indentured servants: 30,000
between 1718-1775 = about 10% of the total
indentured servant trade.
Kidnappings by unscrupulous importers of indentured servants: Very
Bear in mind historians are still arguing over these very details
Index to New Orleans Indentures, 1809-1843

German Immigrants
Another reason why German immigrants never formed a
solid ethnic bloc in the United States was
that they crossed the Atlantic with
different interests and expectations

The German-Americans - an Ethnic Experience.


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