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Subject: Gen. Doug McArthur's brother????
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 18:12:29 EDT

Does anyone know how to learn the names of any brothers General Douglas
McArthur might have had? Working on a descendancy, I have learned of the
X-wife of a distant cousin, who was killed in an auto accident May 23, 1941.
Tho she was buried here in our hometown, there was no obituary that I could
locate. Then, I finally located her granddaughter, who was born about the
time she died, and the granddaughter said she was divorced, and in an auto
with another man, who was married. They were both in the back seat, and were
killed. In the front seat were another woman, and James Vernon McArthur, age
42, who were only injured. I found an article about the accident in a larger
nearby town's paper, because the man killed worked for the newspaper there.
They all met in a taproom, after having a few highballs, and had decided to
drive to AR to the horse races. The granddaughter says the other man was a
brother to Gen. McArthur. At this late date, it makes no difference, but I
am curious if this is true, or if it is just a story that got started
someplace over the past 58 years, since the accident. McArthur is listed as
a traveling salesman from Hot Springs, AR.
Anyone able to find a source listing Douglas McArthurs brothers? I haven't
been able to. Thanks for any help. Judy

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