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From: Rick Fogle <>
Subject: Fwd: DAVIS of Putman County, MO
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 17:37:18 -0500

>Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 13:00:40 -0500
>To: Putnam County Roots
>From: Rick Fogle <>
>Subject: DAVIS
>As a new subscriber to this list I am going to immediately set to work on my
>mother-in-law's family (never hurts to score a few brownie points).
>I have a copy of the 12th. U.S. Census (1900) listing her grandfather and
>family. It appears to be Grant Township, ED 116, Supervisor's District 1.
>The "number of the dwelling-home in the order of visitation" is 129. The
>"number of family in order of visitation" is 132. The following is the
>enumeration (as best I can decipher it):
> 456 789131415
>DAVIS, BenjaminHeadWMSep 183267MOhioOhioOhio
> DorettaWifeWFFeb 187228MMoMoIndiana GoldaDaughW
F Jul 1892 7SMoOhioMo
> Glen(?)SonWMFeb 18964SMoOhioMo
> Osker(?)SonWMFeb 18964SMoOhioMo LenaDaughWFFeb 18982S
> ?ella NellaStepDau WFJun 18909SMoMoMo
>They were the final enumeration of Grant County. Benjamin is listed as a
>farmer and both husband and wife claim to be literate. Doretta has been
>known by other names and is believed to have been a Ryal(l)s.
>Do these ring a bell with anyone out there?
>Rick Fogle

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