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From: "Hope A. Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Preserving & Storing Photocopies
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 99 21:39:06 +1000

Thank you to all who sent information & suggestions to me regarding how
to preserve and store photocopies. Here is a summary of the emails I

-It must be the kind of ink used. You might try getting sheet protectors.
They are the plastic sleeves which also have punched holes. That way you
could store them in binder notebooks. The ink might stick to the plastic,
but since you could read through, you would never have to take them out.
We have some very old letters that we wanted to preserve, and that is how
we store them. We deciphered them once and typed them into the word
processors and then kept the originals as a backup reference by putting
them in archive quality sheet protectors.

-Make Xerox copies of all photocopies as soon as possible after making
the photocopies. Xerox copies don't "bleed" like that.

-Over the years I have discovered that having any document laminated, not
only prevents it from sticking to another document, but also permanently
seals it and protects it from air. You can take any number of documents
to any store which carries teaching materials and they will laminate them
for you for a very minimal cost.

-Heloise in the Houston Chronicle has a formula that works on's 1 quart of Club soda, chilled and 3 tablespoons of milk
of magnesia. Dip the article into the solution and then put it on a paper
towel to dry. It's the acid in the newsprint that causes it to turn
yellow. I don't know if you can use the solution on photocopies or
not...could you try it on an extra copy before you try it on the original.

-Get a camcorder and record each document. It may be time consuming but
very well worth it. Also, a camcorder has a mike and if you want, you can
say something about each document.

My original message was:
>Does anyone have any advice on how to preserve and store
>photocopies. I have many photocopies from microfilms but
>after they have been stored for a few years in my filing
>cabinet, the ink from one page sticks to the back of the
>preceeding page.

H. Stewart

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