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Subject: Re: Melungeon DNA
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 21:12:22 EDT

There has been no DNA testing done to discover the roots of Melungeons. This
is caused by several reasons. The first being the approximate expense of
$700.00 per person for testing; secondly, DNA testing has to be considered
very thoroughly for any person, but for a person who might have one of 5
major Mediterranean illnesses, it must be considered even more.

While we might not like to think so in our enlightened times, DNA results in
the hands of the 'wrong' person might be very damaging and result in the loss
of health insurance, a job or a promotion due to what might be in our genes.
Some employers are now requiring DNA testing for certain ailments.

That said, there has been some gene studies done on the blood of SOME
Melungeon descendants. This testing showed the the Melungeons were more
closely related to the following groups of people:Libya (Tripoli*), Cyprus
(Toodos-Greek), Malta, Canary Islands (Spanish), Italy (Veneto), Portugal,
Italy (Trentino), Spain (Galacia), Ireland. Other close matches included
Turkey. It is thought the Irish connection comes from intermarriage with the
Irish as they came into the areas where the Melungeons were located.

Hope this helps.
Nancy S

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