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Subject: A big thank you
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 12:19:47 EDT


I hope all the others who were having trouble with remarriages will take
note of your explanation to me in message #11 issue 598 of yesterday. Just
as you said, the people all fell into place without any argument.

I have also used FTM since the beginning but there is still a lot I have
to learn about the program. That 'More' spot had never seemed to catch my
eye. Again thanks for the wake up call.

The attachment of the illegitimate child to the parent does not seem to be
the problem. The birth mother's aunt had a step daughter who married the
illegitimate man. Thus, there was no blood tie, but trying to get the
illegitimate man's children to show up in the right spots is taking a bit of
math and computer knowledge. (I was never good in those subjects either.)


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