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Subject: Re: ROOTS-L Digest V99 #631
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 09:36:02 EDT

It is always best to check. If no references are given, no dates, and no
sites, the information needs to be
checked with special care. For the sake of future researchers in the family
it is helpful to keep a master copy of
everything with notations as to where the information was obtained. For

At the top of the page (I prefer righthand side because
in thumbing through a
stack of papers etc., the stack can be held firmly in the
left hand and fluttered
through with the right.) Page numbers, authors, titles.
library or other repository
being used, or even the person(s) etc. in order to be
able to return to the information.
Just asserting that something is "The Truth" will not
convince a few years later and
may set future generations' teeth on edge.

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