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From: Sharon Turner <>
Subject: Smith Surname
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 23:37:48 -0800

Hi Janet,

I'm not sure if I have contacted you before, or not, if I have please
forgive me. After twenty-one years of banging my head on my brick wall,
it's hard to keep track.

Harry E. SMITH, b. Mar 1891; was the father of my mother. His parents
died while he was a youth. His name, originally, seems to have been
BUCKLEY. He had siblings who were also adopted, although probably not
by the same family. He was adopted by the SCHMITT family, a German
immigrant family, known as Herr Henry & Frau Helen SCHMITT. He later
changed the spelling of his last name to SMITH. I have had no luck in
finding any information on Harry. His birthdate was gleaned through his
marriage license to my grandmother (dtd 3 Mar 1915) and my mother's
birth cert. (dtd 12 Mar 1916), thus between 4 - 11 March. However the
birthplace on each record is different, on the marriage record it is
New York, NY; on the birth cert. it is Baltimore MD. I'm assuming that
HE made out the paperwork on the marriage cert. and SHE made out the
paperwork on the birth cert. I could be VERY wrong, but that is the
avenue I'm persuing. Oh, yes, the 1920 Census for Providence, Rhode
Island, shows him to be born in Virginia.
My mother's name is Virginia, so I was steered in the wrong direction
for years, until I found out there was a Richmond Co., in New York. Mom
said that she was named for his birthplace. (she really didn't know him
very well, never saw him, and only had info from her grandmother). The
census info was given by her grandmother, who instigated the divorce,
claiming he wasn't going to amount to anything. So, I can write off her
assessment of him. I'm still looking for ANY information on Harry or
his siblings. I do not know when he was adopted, nor indeed, if the
adoption was legal, in many cases people took in a child, and the
adoption was understood. Names were changed without benefit of court
proceedings. I feel that if I had access to court records from 1900 -
1915 I might be able to find an adoption record for him in New York.
Have you found this name in any of your research?
Thank you for your time,
Sharon K. Turner

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