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From: "Gil & Sonia Murray" <>
Subject: Cemeteries
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 19:03:27 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

As an old cemetery searcher I can tell you that not all of them are at or near churches.
Maybe at one time... Also consider that churches burn and/or fall down whereas the grave
yard stays. I'd say close to half of the real old ones were isolated. So much so that
it was frequently necessary to ask locals where they were.

Happy hunting,


> From: "max disbrow" <>
> Subject: Cemetery's
> In my area I find quite a few cemeteries located in the middle of no where, ones that are
> very old and seldom used. I thought that most cemeteries were around a church. I can't
> imagine why a group of people would carry a person so far to bury them. Any idea as to how
> and why these cemeteries came into existence? Most of the cemeteries are at least 5 miles
> from any existing town, several in the middle of a field. Also when I looked up names on
> the tombstones some died before the nearest town was even a town. One particular cemetery
> was used heaviest before the 1900's. Just curious. I was under the impression that
> Michigan is a fairly new state compared to the south and I am suprised to find so many
> people here so early. Dawn

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