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From: Jennifer Godwin <>
Subject: Re: Cemeteries
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 10:21:26 -0800 (PST)

> In my area I find quite a few cemeteries located in
> the middle of no where, ones that are very old and
> seldom used. I thought that most cemeteries were
> around a church. I can't imagine why a group of
> people would carry a person so far to bury them.

I believe that most of these small rural cemeteries
were because people lived on farms, and when their
family members died, they weren't carrying them "out"
so far at all, but rather keeping them close burying
them on a small corner of the property.

> Any idea as to how and why these cemeteries came into
> existence? Most of the cemeteries are at least 5
> miles from any existing town, several in the middle
> of a field. Also when I looked up names on the
> tombstones some died before the nearest town was
> even a town.

Exactly! Without a local community center, there was
no place to bury your friends and family except on the
aforementioned small plot. These cemeteries are at the
biggest risk for being lost because they often no
longer have family members looking after them, are out
of the way, and are sometimes entirely forgetten,
overgrown, etc.

> I was under the impression
> that Michigan is a fairly new state compared to the
> south and I am suprised to find so many people her
> so early.

Michigan began to be settled in the earlist part of
the 1800s with the big rush starting about 1830.

Good luck! ~jen

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