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Subject: QUADEs from southern Maryland
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 20:07:59 EST

I sent this yesterday but I'm told the formatting got messed up. Here it is
Most of these events occurred in St. Marys county, MD. This is a compilation
of data from several sources and very little of it is my original research.
I have
not yet put in into my genealogy database (FTM v 6.0). You'll have to
stretch out
this e-mail to get a feel for the formatting.

James Henry QUADE (b. 1806) m. 1831 Cecilia COPSEY
Charles Llewellen QUADE (b. 1815) m. 1856 Mary Ann Gertrude PILKERTON
Charles Francis QUADE (b. 1870) m. 1893 Rosanna KNOTT (b. 1878)
Isabel QUADE (b. 1894)
James Bertie QUADE (b. 1896)
Joseph Francis QUADE (b. 1899) m. Ann Mazie MORGAN
Albert Joseph QUADE (b. 1919)
Virginia QUADE m. PAYNE
Earl Matthew QUADE (b. 1921)
Rose Vera QUADE (b. 1901)
Charles William QUADE (b. 1921) m. Juanita Eva
Virginia Rosalie QUADE m. Ronald Ross RIPPEL
Deborah Sue QUADE (b. 1950) m. William Benjamin
DILLON II (b. 1946)
Michael Keith DILLON (b. 1976)
David Matthew DILLON (b. 1979)
Charles William QUADE Jr.
Rose Vera QUADE (b. 1901) m. Frank NORFI
Thomas Elmer QUADE (b. 1924) m. Eleanor Antonia KRINER
Antoinette Frances QUADE (b. 1947)
David William QUADE (b. 1962)
James L. QUADE m. 1886 Jane M. LACEY
John Joseph QUADE m. 1883 Mary L. LACEY
Charles Llewellen QUADE (b. 1815) m. 1899 Susan COPSEY
James H. QUADE (b. 1833) m. 1854 Sarah A. DEAN
John H. QUADE m. 1880 Ellen Ann RUSSELL
John Columbus QUADE (b. 1842) m. 1860 Julia DEAN
John Morris QUADE (b. 1866) m. 1889 Mary Eliza LACEY (b. 1879)
William F. QUADE (b. 1832) m. 1853 Margaret PILKERTON (b. 1837)
Thomas QUADE m. 1881 Catherine V. LACEY
Andrew Jackson QUADE (b. 1840) m. 1896 Margaret Lavonia THOMPSON
?Andrew Jackson QUADE (b. 1840) m. 1859 Dorthy JARBOE?
Catherine Elizabeth QUADE m. 1874 George W. FERRELL
Lydia Ann QUADE (b. 1837) m. 1855 John D. T. MORGAN (b. 1842)
Mary Eliza QUADE (b. 1838) m. 1858 William H. THOMAS
Isaac D. QUADE (b. 1843)
Sarah J. QUADE (b. 1844)
Joseph F. QUADE (b. 1848)

I'd like to hear from anyone researching this family. I hope to have this
entered into FTM in a couple days.

Bill Dillon

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