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From: "Wayne Grogan" <>
Subject: Greenbush "C" Surnames
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 08:15:21 -0700

As mentioned in an earlier note I've recently acquired a copy of the
manuscript entitled "The Early Days of Greenbush, IL. written by Wm. L.
Snapp in 1905 and transferred into an electronic form by Jeff Simmons. The
Manuscript can be downloaded in it's
entirety at

Here are the Surnames beginning with "C" that are listed in this document:
Cable, Calloway, Camp, Campbell, Canby, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Cavanaugh,
Cayton, Chambers, Chapin, Chase, Chatterton, Chune, Churchill, Clabaugh,
Clark, Clary,
Clayberg, Claycomb, Clevinger, Cline, Clover, Cochrane, Coffman, Colby,
Coll, Collett, Collins, Compton, Conaway, Condon, Congleton, Conley,
Cook, Coons, Cooper, Cope, Coppersmith, Cornell, Courson, Cox, Crabb,
Crabill, Craig,
Crane, Crater, Craven, Crawford, Crissey, Crocker, Crossman, Crowley,
Crumpton, Cunningham, Curtis, Cutherd

More names will follow

Wayne Grogan

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