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Subject: John Christian Ebert
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 16:15:07 EDT

Hi Listers,
I need your help.

My family legend has my grandfather, John Christian Ebert, coming from
Alsace. He was German, and allegedly the family owned a farm that was on
the French-German border. They were supposed to have raised horses for the
Kaiser's Army, and the Ebert name is supposed to have something to do with
flying horses. (My Mom ordered up an Ebert coat of arms some years back,
and ironically there was a beautiful horse rearing up on each side of the
shield.) My great-grandfather was supposed to have been kicked in the
by a horse and killed. That's when grt-gandma (don't know their names) was
supposed to have come to America, with grandpa, and other kids? Grandpa
called himself an Alsatian, because of the constant dispute between the two
countries over the region.
It's a long story but I don't even know where exactly this man is buried or
when exactly he was born or died. I have his original naturalization papers
from 1892 (St. Louis), they provide virtually no info but his name and age, an
d he renounces his allegiance to the Emperor of GERMANY.

What I have found out is from census records, and even that is conflicting.
He was born about Jan 1865, in Germany and immigrated between 1878 and 1880.
He was living in Collinsville, IL., when he applied for his St. Louis,
marriage license in 1889. He died in St. Louis, MO. when my father was four
years old, (but dad's age was wrong by two years and he knew it). The
cemetery can't locate grandpa, (even though all of his children said he is
buried there), spelling of names are terrible. The state cannot find a
death certificate for him within 4 years of 1910.

Between the time of his marriage (1889) and his death, (1910?) he resided at
the home of his in-laws, 5027 N. Broadway St. Louis, MO. The last city
directory listing for him is 1911, in 1912 his eldest daughter, Frances is
He was buried, according to his children, in Frieden's Cemetery, (Evangelical
Lutheran), at 8941 N. Broadway. The family could not afford a marker.

His wife, Ida Kanstinger, was born in St. Louis in 1868 to Frank Kanstinger
and Gertrude Krug (widow of John Dunz).

John Christian EBERT and Ida KANSTINGER were wed in 1889,
in First Gethsame (German) Cumberland Presbyterian Church
at 1820 Madison St. in St. Louis, MO.

Ida was Catholic, as was her mother, Gertrude.
Frank's religious affiliation is unknown, although he is buried in the same
cemetery as Christian.

John Christian EBERT was a baker or pastry chef.
On some documents he is John, Christian, or Christ EBERT

Related family names are: Dunz, Krug, Welzar, Schwab, Merstetter, Mulvihill,
Persinger, DeWitt, Schnieder, Kunstli (Kuenstle)

I have not been able to link up with any of the many other Eberts in St.
Louis. My Grandfather is my BRICK WALL!
I'm at a loss, when I started this research, I didn't even know my father had
aunts and uncles (half siblings to his mother). I just know there has to be
someone out there on the Ebert side, maybe in IL.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

IDA Ebert
St. Louis, MO.

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