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From: Donalee V Collier <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 20:24:12 -0400

Here is the last of the obits of Central Nebraska, mainly around Hooker
and Cherry Co, Nebraska. I have listed the last, first and middle name.
The ( ) is maiden name. b for born, d for death and the dates. The page
number is for my reference. If you would like more information on a person
please e-mail me privately at . Lots of good information
in these, some more than others. Where there is no birth place listed it
most likely is in Nebraska. Sorry they are not coming out in nice straight
lines like in my spread sheet.
Hope this helps someone out there.

Marsh,Dannyd Los Angeles, CAAbt 1944Pg. 22
Marshall,FredT.,26 Sept 1884Pg. 31
Mary,Esteyb Coffeen, ILL3 Sept 1888Pg. 33
Mathews,VeraMae,17 Aug 1905Pg. 22
May,AnnaE.,(McGalliard) b Troy, KS26 Jan 1904Pg. 26
McClure,H.Brooks,b Smith Co, VAPg. 24
McCulley,T. L.,b Bucklin, MO6 Feb 1889Pg. 14
McGinnis,Samualb Shelby, IA17 Aug 1872Pg. 45
McIntyre,FloydPg 20
McIntyre,EdithB.,(Boyer) d Basin WY9 Nov 1901Pg. 21
McIntyre,WilliamClark,28 Jul 1888Pg. 26
McIntyre,LloydLyle,1933Pg. 35
McIntyre,Floyd13 Jul 1907Pg. 49
McIntyre,HarryPg. 50
McKinleyMary(Rehimer)b Champaign, IL30 Oct 1881Pg. 33
Mickey,J.A. Mrs.(Lalla) d CalifPg 25
Moran,CharlesH.,24 Aug 1919Pg. 32
Morris,Olive(Moore) b Winderset, IA4 Oct 1877Pg. 44
Motl,JohnJ.,Bohemia31 Dec 1884Pg. 47
Murphy,LoraC.,(Clark) b Council Bluff, IA17 Aug 1898Pg. 20
Nelson,Maud(Ham)2 Sept 1892Pg. 19
Oliver,FlorencePg. 48
OsbornCharlesS.,15 Apr 1903Pg. 51
OsbornGeraldineL.,28 Mar 1916Pg. 52
OsbornVirginiaIreneb Grayson Co. VA19 May 1870Pg. 53
OsbornRushFloydb Grayson Co., VA1 Feb 1866Pg. 54,
Osborne,Macb Grayson Co, VA4 Jan 1898Pg. 17
Palmer,LauraPAPg. 2
Palmgren,ArnoldPA7 Aug 1908Pg. 15
Palmgren,ArnoldL.,7 Aug 1908Pg. 46
Parkhurst,Ellad Twin Falls, ID13 Sept 1884Pg. 46
Pearman,Wm. b Trazwell, VA18 Feb 1889Pg. 2
Pearman,RobertIvanhoe, VA11 Sept 1895Pg. 22
Pearman,CoryJames,Infant)Pg. 35
Pearman,Ruth(Richardson) d Bentonville, AK14 Mar 1888Pg. 48
Pearson,SylviaM.,(Fox) d Seal Beach, CAPg. 25
Pearson,Mae29 Oct 1890Pg. 49
Peirce,AlfredJ.,d New Milford, NJ26 Oct 1900Pg. 37
Phipps,Ralph8 Dec 1895Pg. 4
Porter,Ernest16 Dec 1908Pg. 18
Rayfield,JoeMelvin,b Lesterville, MO20 Feb 1907Pg. 15
Rayfield,J.M.,Pg. 46
Rector,AdaB.,(Johnson)14 Feb 1910Pg 10
Rector,ArthurB.,15 Jul 1911Pg. 19
Reigle,Stanley30 Aug 1910Pg. 27
Revere,Bertha(Frasier)4 Nov 1889Pg. 22
Revere,Clarence1 Apr 1883Pg 25
Ridenour,HomerRay,13 Sept 1895Pg. 7
Ridenour,Mae(Marsh)22 Feb 1899Pg. 7
Ridenour,MaeE.,(Marsh)22 Feb 1899Pg. 9
Ridenour,Ray13 Sept 1895Pg. 26
Rielly,JohnMrs.,d Cincinnati, OHPg. 25
Roesch,Linad GermanyAbt 1884Pg. 24
Roseberry,Tom27 Sept 1897Pg. 33
Senk,Simonb Sonak PolandPg. 18
Simonson,Robert29 Sept 1916Pg. 20
Simonson,JuneC.,(Kemp) bCarman, IL5 Jun 1896Pg. 30
Simonson,CarlS.,22 Jun 1893Pg. 43
Simonson,Helen(Stewart)23 Nov 1886Pg. 46
Starr,LulaMay,(Payne) Texas21 Nov 1889Pg. 11
Starr,Albert13 Apr 1882Pg. 11
Sturtz,JamesG.,b Boone, IA21 Mar 1889Pg. 5
Sturtz,Harryd Boone, IAPg. 10
SweetKatie(Main) b Lamont, IA13 Dec 1888Pg. 29
SweetKatieBell,b Lamont, IA13 Dec 1878Pg. 36
Sweet,ClarenceW.b Burlington IL25 Jul 1909Pg. 8
Swendener,ClarenceE.,b Lenora, KS25 Nov 1894Pg. 36
Thompson,CliffordPg. 36
Triplett,Rena1 Mar 1892Pg. 27
Ulrich,Joeb Kirksville, MO8 Sept 1880Pg. 47
Vanderbeek,Selvester22 Jan 1906Pg. 37
Vogel,Ida(Ray) b Shelbyville, MO29 Mar 1880Pg. 45
Wadlow,EdgarE.,b Lesterville, MO7 May 1888Pg. 6
Walker,OnaM.,Pg. 5
Warren,Ratio(Broyles) b W VA14 Sept 1894Pg. 5
Warren,Ratia(Broyles) b Monroe Co, W VA14 Sept 1894Pg. 44
Wells,Minnieb Golden CO16 Aug 1888Pg. 3
Wiese,TomPvt.,b Brainerd, MN1969Pg. 38
Wilde,Walter18 Jul 1907Pg. 22
Wilde,Minnied Ovid, COAbt 1886Pg. 47
Winter,O.B.,Pg. 12
Wolfenden,Warren30 Nov 1904Pg. 40
Wolfenden,Lizzie(Kime)23 Sept 1881Pg. 43
Worrell,Effieb Taney Co, MO10 Feb 1883Pg. 40
Wright,Elizabeth(Martin)5 May 1887Pg. 41
Wright,EffieE.,d Denver, CO17 Sept 1899Pg. 42
ZachryBessie(Johnson)2 Jan 1891Pg. 34
Zachry,EdSept 1888Pg. 46
Zimmek,WalterJ.,d Lakewood, CO5 Dec 1911Pg. 31
Zimmek,MinniePg. 44

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