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From: "Carolyn K. Scott" <>
Subject: Re: Try Kinkos
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 12:21:01 -0700
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Try Kinkos - I think they have printers called 'plotters.'
If not, they have (at least here) copy machines that use 36"
wide paper, on a roll. You can print on you own printer,
tape together into a large chart, have Kinko print the taped
pieces to give you one big chart in one piece. Caveat - my
experience with that printer at Kinko's is that there's only
black and white; I don't know if they can do that on a color
printer - but the plotters may be color printers.

I would have enjoyed the Saturday night spaghetti feed, I
know. But, you know how it is - I was at the Joseph Smith
Bldg 'til about 7pm then over to the Library 'til about
9:30pm. Then it was "Crash and burn." I did find lots of
neat stuff before coming home on Sunday. Now just have to
find time to process it all. At the suggestion of a friend,
I've signed up for email from SouthWest, so that I can know
when there is a cut-rate price to SLC from Seattle. And, I
bit the bullet and got me a lap top computer (at Costco - a
very good price for a pretty powerful computer - item
#40920). I didn't get it at the closest Costco; went to my
aunt's near Port Angeles, where the tax rate is
substantially lower.
Carolyn Scott - Auburn, WA

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