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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 12:46:30 EDT

I can't remembered who I talked to on the list about Baer family members.
I couldn't give any specific dates to any of my family members until now.

I recently decided to call all the Jewish cemeteries in Detroit to check on
my Baer family members and the search paid off. I received a phone call
by Bethel Memorial Park that confirmed that he had two of my relatives in
his cemetery. I am waiting for the copies of information from him on them.
However, he gave me the following dates on them. Wondered if these dates
appear in anyone elses research on the Baer family???

Samuel Baer-born: December 23, 1875. Died in Detroit, MI, on 12/3/1950.
Emilia Alexander-Baer: b. January 21, 1877. Died in Battlecreek, MI, on

If anyone has a Samuel Baer born on these dates I would like to exchange
information on his family.


Dawna Rickord

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