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From: "AMEV" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L]
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 23:50:55 -0400
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OK i didn't throw my soapbox away.. it was hidden out back ... so I've
dusted it off and set it up one more time.
My two cents worth ( it may be devalued canadian cents but it's still money)
*L* does not have all the answers but it does have some. One of the
best genealogical tools available are census and those you can get at both and to name two of the most common pay sites.
Maybe some of the other area's they offer are sketchy BUT to me it's worth
the money. I don't have the time to travel to my nearest LDS an hour away
to view a census film that I would most likely have to order first and wait
to come in. Then I would have to scroll through endless reems of microfilm
on readers that bother my eyes and make me sea sick. Instead for a fee ( of
course they are a money making venture) I can view the census in the comfort
of my own home in proper lighting and in a more organised manner and in my
time frame.( 4 am !!)
As for the other records Ancestry holds, they do allow free searches so u
can ascertain if they have anything on the person you are looking for and
if they don't show up in the preliminary search they don't have anything
and therefore you shouldn't even bother to buy time on their site.
I haven't found a lot on their site for my family names other than census
information but then again these people are in hiding and don't want to be
found .. of this I am sure of!
The average joe is harder to find because he didn't do anything in his life
time to get his name in the papers. We have to remember that life was very
different 100 + years ago. People were very private and didn't like
other's especially the government knowing their personal buisness and kept
to themselves. and sites like it are a stepping stone and a foot up but it
still takes writing and visiting Genealogical Societies, newspapers,
pestering relatives, making that trip to the Archives and Land Registry
Offices, etc to trace your families.
So............... what am I saying? Use or not use the pay sites.... just
remember it's your choice.
Putting the soapbox away again but in a new spot so some one does take it
and burn it one me.
Good Luck everyone in your search for your ancestors and remember everyone
leaves a paper trail some are just harder to find...... Annmarie

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