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Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:40:42 EDT


Concerning naturalization records, there is no central repository for
naturalization records for any state. They are stored in the repository
responsible for records of the court where the naturalization occurred. For
Iowa, some are at the county level and some amy have been moved on to the
state historical society. Some federal court naturalizations are stored at
the National Archives - Central Plains Region in Kansas City. Many are not
indexed by a central index.

To access the naturalization, it helps to know the county, approximate date
of petition for naturalization (they are arranged by petition number not
surname), and the court where naturalized.

For questions about Iowa naturalizations stored at NARA - Central Plains,
send me an email with the information above to and
I'll gladly check to see if we can help you.

Hope you are successful at finding the records.


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> Subject: naturalization records for Iowa
> Where are the naturalization records for Iowa stored? Are they held at the
> state level somewhere or are they held at the county level?
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