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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Social Security Numbers
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 04:31:44 EDT

My husband asked me a question that really stumped me. Hope someone with
knowledge out there can try to provide a logical answer for this question.

He was looking on a death index for a particular name. He told me that the
person he was looking for had, to his knowledge, died after his wife by a
couple of years. His social security number was listed. My husband
continued his search for the wife to verify her death and found the lady.
What was interesting was that the social security number for both people were
the same.

I know that each person is suppose to have a unique and distinct social
security number. I can only surmize that someone might have put the man's
social security number on the woman's death certificate because she died
first and didn't realize that it was the husband's number. Then when he
died, his number was used correctly.

Under what circumstances would the same number be given on a death
certificate? Would my hypothesis above be pretty accurate as to how the same
number got put on two separate death records?

How would one find out which one was the correct one?

Christie Trapp

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