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Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 16:51:38 EDT

Hello Roots Listers,

Your suitcase story touched mine, and my husband's hearts. I asked, "What do
you think"? He said, "Orphan." I thought the same thing. It is so touching
because the life of that child is so clearly portrayed. Lonely, afraid, a
lost person with no anchor. Never cherished, not comforted during bad times.
Not loved. If that child grew up knowing how to feel and show love,
he has gained a great deal of maturity and insight by drawing it up from
within. I am sure he did, after I read the touching story, and the beauty of
that poem. That came from the heart.
Yes, genealogy is all about life. What a touching life. Thanks for sharing.
Imogene Hord, Ward

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