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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Heirlooms
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 19:10:06 EDT

An heirloom should be something of value, but not necessarily monitary value.
In fact, sentimental value is even more important. You can go and buy
valuable antiques, but thing not worth nearly so much money can be priceless
in terms of family history.

I have a bookcase my grandfather made. It is very sturdy, but not
particularly good looking, being made of very plain, rather rough wood. But
it has held books for decades and I would not part with it for any amount of
money because it was made by my grandfather, whom I remember only as a very
old man -- he died about the time I started school.

An item we have which will become an heirloom is a hand-made cedar chest. It
is a very nice-looking piece of furniture, which I bought at an estate sale,
but what makes it an heirloom is that it was made by the minister who married
us! I have many items which were made by my mother, several quilts made by
my grandmother and some stitcheries done by my husband's aunt. I consider
these heirlooms even though some of them are not very old yet. I think it's
the history and sentimental value that makes an item an heirloom rather than
just an antique.


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