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From: ETM <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] attachments
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 21:47:26 -0400

You are using Outlook Express which sees text messages as
attachments although they truly are not. If you prefer,
highlight anything in the attachment field and then use control
key/F3 simultaneously, it will open up the message source and you
can read the digest as one continuous email.


On Sunday, October 6, 2002, you wrote

> Most of the Roots-L Digest that have come to in of late always has 1, 2 or more messages concerning attachments and how the senders always delete messages with attachments. This may be a good
> idea; However, I am on at least 2 list (digest format) that only come as attachments. That is, each message in the digest is an attachment. It is a little hard to read what is in those digest list
> if one doesn't open attachments. 2 of the list I receive are TN-census-lookups-D-request and TN-mysteries-D-request

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