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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Copywrite/ etc
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 23:36:06 EDT

A Lot of great talk on copywrite and the majority is true. Even the attorney.
s argue this all the time.
I spent over 50 years finding my past. During this time I was help by many
and in particular one person. I mailed him the results a few years ago but
asked him to keep it for his own file as it had a lot of personal ....etc.

Today if you look up my name you will even see my son in there. Prior to my
work NOTHING from Gabriel the second was available.
Today Ancestry will sell you the info...I never gave it to them.
Copywrites are a partial form of protection. So I suppose if I publish my
family line I will be the one in violation of copywrite laws and I could even
be charged with plagerism. (spelling?)
(I am working on a book at this very time) It may be I will get sued from
others who have "borrowed" my years of work. Gee, It just might help sell the
We all "borrow" from the net. But the least we can do is identify the
source, That courtesy was never extended to me. Not all bad, but very
annoying. PJ Mathon
(I am not sure copywrite is the answer. Too easy to break and too hard to

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