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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Family Bibles
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 14:30:29 EDT

Hello searching folks,

My experience with some having the Bible, and other's not having one:

My grandmother had a large Bible (King James) with pictures throughout, and a
place to write family information. I spent many hours looking at her
wonderful Bible, and "reading" the pictures, as a small child.

I have talked to a number of Catholics (acquaintances) from different
locations in the U.S., and was informed that their Priest had told them not
to read the Bible, because it would confuse them. They had all said that the
church would read, and explain what they needed to know. They were
discouraged, if not down right told, not to have a Bible, and certainly not
any Bible except their own. I knew of this situation existing even up in the
1950s. Finally, the Church started allowing the Catholic Douay Bible, (a
translation of the Vulgate) and encouraged group studies among themselves.

I am sure many will argue otherwise, but of course, it will not alter my
personal experience. How their Priest taught may be a different experience
for them. How was it in Spain? I have heard the common man was not allowed to
own or read the Bible at all, just a few years ago. I am most curious.

I am curious about many things that make us who we are. Life is grand! Don't
we love it?
Imogene Hord, Ward

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